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Purushwadi is a silent village that has retreated from the fast moving pieces of Maharashtra. Thousands of fireflies adorn the trees and fields during a stroll around the town at night. Later, savor a delectable Maharashtrian supper in one of the village houses, where families build bonfires and prepare delectable delicacies. The welcoming locals will also assist you in experiencing their way of life and culture through activities like fishing, capturing crabs, seeding and transplanting rice, and so on. 

The brightness of the fireflies in Purushwadi Fireflies festival at night is a sight not to be missed. Artificial light is not present in the settlement, and the glow of fireflies is more visible in complete darkness.

With each blink of our eyes, the number of fireflies that can be observed shining, increases. The whole walkway, including the trees and homes, was lit up by shimmering fireflies. The splendor of nature will render you speechless. If you are in the area at the right time, you can also watch this spectacle standing in the middle of a farm, with darkness of the night exemplifying the entire experience. going into the fields to see the fireflies. Fireflies, on the other hand, can only be seen in May and June, just after the first rains and before the full monsoon which makes the entire festival quiet time-bound. If you are planning on hosting an event there, you can schedule it in the same proximity as the dates of the festival. That way, The event planner wouldn’t be under too much of a pressure to do something special for the guests  

Purushwadi Village is roughly about 35 kilometres from Harishchandragad fort. Interestingly and Historically, The fort is Maharashtra’s second highest fort. The fort is open from 9 AM till 5PM and it is a beautiful monument that has been stored by the government to make sure it reflects on the great ethos and the values of the Maratha warriors and their bravery. The drive from Purushwadi Village to Harishchandragad fort will take you around 5 hours in total, If you book your hotels near the proximity of the fort, it can also be used as an excretion for the guests at your event to visit the fort and look around the aesthetic beauty of it.. If you intend to have a good old school picnic in the area, you can pack up a few dishes, take a Sunday away from the city, get the car running and get your much deserved rest from the monotony of your fast paced life in the city. 

The highest point in Maharashtra is Kalsubai Peak. The walk to Kalsubai range begins immediately on the road near the settlement of Wasali. You can hike Kalsubai peak on your way to Purushwadi village or on your way back. It can be used as a bonding experience for your team building and bringing your team closer.. It should be noted, however, that a one-way walk would take 3-4 hours. Though the initial walk was challenging, there are now ladders and steps installed in the more difficult sections, making the trek much easier. A day hike or overnight camping on the top are both options.

How do we reach?

The nearest airport to purushwadi is shirdi (100km) you can always step down at the Nasik airport which is only a 100 km away from the village, there is another airport that can be boarded to take a flight to purushwadi but it may not be as convenient as the other airport, you can take a plane and land at Pune airport which is a 171 km away. The railways stations that fall on your route to purushwadi are Igatpuri (71kms), Nasik (100kms) and Shirdi(100kms) and you can also hire a taxi form Aegiscabs. Aegiscabs provides best taxi services not only in Maharastra we provides also in every state of India.