What factors are to be considered while booking a venue for your events?

Choosing an event venue is one of the trickiest part of all. It is that one decision that will have
the largest impact on your event whether it is sitting, catering, decor, space and environment, all
factors are partly affected or depend on the location you select for that particular event.
Also, it would be an understatement to say that COVID-19 turned the world upside down. For
the events to happen, there was only one way to do them i.e., digitally may be on zoom calls,
telephonic or facetime. But, now, as the world opens, we’re faced with other problems – lowering
the risks at the events and accepting the new normal we ever knew before. However, with lesser
restrictions on travel, gathering and conducting events, we can now get back to hosting events
that everyone will love. Let’s have a look at some of the factors to be considered while booking

First things First
Start hunting the location at least 4-6 months before the actual date of the event. You can begin
your search according to the budget, estimated event size, and space requirements. Book the
venue at least 3-4 months in advance so that you can take care of other critical things such as
invites, brochures, catering, and website content.

Location is probably the most important point of all. When looking for an event venue, make
sure it is easily trackable on GPS and situated in an accessible city. For an event that expects
attendees coming from other cities, towns or countries, choose a venue near hotels so that they
don’t find any staying issues. Don’t forget to consider transportation, traffic and parking options
while deciding the event venue.
If you want to start the event on time, make sure you provide the guests with a mobile app with
GPS maps, driving directions and parking and shuttle service at their fingertips. This will be a
big relief for them. Last but not least, before finalizing, visit the venue so that you can gauge the
situation including bookings, catering, staff and other surroundings.

The second most important thing one should worry about before finalizing the venue. Make a
probable list of the attendees (who have confirmed). It will be a lot easier to get an exact estimate
of the size of the event. Also, this will determine your minimum F&B (Food and Beverages)
Also, one thing can be done in this case that you select a nice hotel for your grand event, this
way guests can also stay there. If your estimate goes beyond the minimum F&B service, this
means you are a good client to that particular hotel or event venue. In such a situation, you can
negotiate for complementary services such as WiFi/AV.

Also, you can make last-minute adjustments for the venue you’ve booked by the attendees who
are confirmed their presence. This way you can save some extra pennies and food & beverages.

Services and Amenities
The major role of services and amenities is how well you serve the guests attending the event.
Well, there are certain points you need to stick to to check whether the services of the event
venue are up to the mark or not.
● Is there proper audio and video systems available or not?
● Is WiFi available or not?
● Does the venue have a kitchen, can it provide you with catering services or not?
● Does the venue have enough chairs, tables and linens to serve the guests?
● Do the event venue have set up or clean up crew/ volunteers that can help in setting up
everything and then cleaning the venue after the event.
Mentioned above are some basic questions that you need an answer to. You can also check if
female restrooms have baby changing boards and if there are guests with disabilities, then the
venue must have a comfort room specifically for them.

Layout and Emergency Exit
Having a proper layout of the event with you is important. Get an illustrated floor plan of each
venue (if multiple events are going on) and a rough idea of what type of activities will be
included during the event. Also, you need to walk through the venue at least once, taking notes
of important things like fire escape management, A/V location, sitting arrangements. Lighting
and other outlets. The floor plan will affect few aspects of your event counting the flow of
traffic, parking area, stage preparations (if any), decorations etc. Also, evaluate the emergency
exits in the event venue.

The ambience is one of the main contributing factors to a successful business/corporate/social
event. While searching for the venue, pay attention to the theme and the decor of the room and
select accordingly. If you are organizing a corporate meeting, then the ambience must be
something professional with light tones. For social events the lighting and music goes as per
personal choice.

Accessibility refers to the possibility that everyone present in the event, especially those with
special needs could easily access the premises and its amenities with utmost ease. For this, one
needs to understand the nature of the attendees whether someone is carrying a baby or physically
disabled or need any special attendance. Venue with proper accessibility should only be booked.

Acoustics refers to how sound travels through the venue. Have you ever been to an event that
was so loud causing strain on your hearing and losing your voice? That is exactly caused by the
poor acoustics. To get good acoustics, you need to have a good surround system and a proper
understanding of the event room i.e., a low ceiling will make the venue seems cosy and the
sound will be louder. However, a large room will result in echoing, therefore, choose wisely!
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