10 Things to Keep in Mind While Travelling Abroad for an Event

1. Bring copies of your passport: If your passport gets stolen or lost, you want to be sure that you can still get back in your country and be able to prove your citizenship.

2. Bring your camera: Your camera will showcase your moments, experiences and encounters that you’re too experienced to notice.

3. Prepare a well planned itinerary: A well thought out itinerary should reflect what your company hopes to accomplish, Think about goals and relative priorities.

4. Seek information on culture: Invest sometime in learning about the history, cultures and customs of the countries to be visited. Brush up on the differences in negotiating styles, attitude towards punctuality, Gift giving customs and proper use of names and titles.

5. Learn protocol & etiquette practices: Understanding in advance how to greet your counterparts in an event and managing appointments at an event will be most helpful. Check normal work days and hours, For example the work week is from Saturday to Thursday.

6. Learn the native tongue: Business associates will appreciate any sincere attempts. An event at a foreign country entails people with a different language, you should learn the basics for a better impression.

7. Check travel advisories: Travel advisories are released from various reasons, including terrorism, natural disasters, political unrest, wars, health emergencies, and outbreak of violent crimes against tourists. Check to see if the advisory applies to the entire country or certain areas.

8. Plan to stay connected: Iplugs or adapters may be needed to charge notebooks, cell phones, and PDA’s while overseas. Also, contact your cellphone provider before you leave to find out international options for business trips.

9. Research entrance & exit fees: Regardless of whether a country use to obtain a tourist visa, it may levy an entrance or an exit fees, research and prepare accordingly.

10. Buy health and travel insurance: Before you travel abroad check your insurances if it includes international coverage. If not think of buying a short term policy which’ll cover you while you’re abroad if something happens by chance.